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22nd May 2012

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Dying of laughter right now. xD

I’m watching Doctors, (a crappy BBC daytime soap that I’m addicted to), and they just had a girl bitten by an apparently deadly, venomous snake. Except it was so obviously a harmless milk snake, LOL. Then the guy who owned it got arrested for having an protected, endangered species. Cause milk snakes are obviously so endangered. xD

I get they can’t use real venomous snakes, but I still find it hilarious when shows try to pass off harmless snakes as deadly!

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  1. mydogisanerd said: Bahaha I love things like that, when you’re too knowledgeable about something for the show to pass it as believable. It’s like when they use supposedly bloodthirsty dogs in movies, and it’s so obvious the dog is happily playing or something
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