I'm Onyx, 26 and from southern England. This is my personal blog and mostly made up of random text posts and my own photos and drawings.
Interests include animals, wildlife watching, taxidermy and vulture culture, drawing and photography.

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12th September 2012

Photoset with 48 notes


Reduced the prices on these vintage fur stoles. The fox is now £16 and the mink is £24.95.

Get them in my shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheFoxBrush?ref=seller_info

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Source: etsy.com

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    Reblog for second two replies. People who advocate faux-fur don’t take into consideration the havoc it causes to the...
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    None of you mother fuckers better never put another piece of meat in your mouth again. If you think the entire cow that...
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    Funny thing is, animals don’t have any problem at all using pieces of other dead animals, even their own kind. Foxes...