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Interests include animals, wildlife watching, taxidermy and vulture culture, drawing and photography.

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3rd March 2013

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I just won an antique dhole pelt on ebay.

Yes, a dhole.


Tagged: excuse me while i freak out

  1. bochelly said: My friend loves dholes, CAN’T WAIT FOR PICTURES :”D
  2. magpiebones said: I really need to get a nice pelt of some sort. Where would you recommend finding some decent quality ones? I’m looking for a black fox or a coyote :>
  3. necromancersapprentice said: I saw it and though You’d try to get your hands on it :D
  4. itsdetachable said: WOAH WOAH congratulations! That’s awesome!
  5. recklessisawreck said: oh my god that’s amazing i’m jealous SHARE WITH ME LOL i wish i could at least feel it LOL DAMN USA anyway SHARE LOTS OF PICS
  6. hipster-queen said: WOAH. That’s insane. POST A PIC WHILE I CONTROL MY JEALOUSY.
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